Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Julep Swatches (June 2014)

Hey y’all! Before I get to swatching, I have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that has taken time to check out my blog. I know it’s still in the very early stages, so to break over 200 views on my first day was completely unexpected. Thanks to everyone that shared my page, followed it on Blog Lovin’, and supports it in any way. Love you guys!

Time for some swatches! For some odd reason, I love swatching nail polishes. It’s a weird, cathartic hobby of mine. As I mentioned in my last post, I only loved one color out of the entire “Three Wishes” Collection. Although the colors were pretty, but I couldn’t help but see lots of purple and LOTS of shimmer. (Shimmer just isn’t my thing.) After going through each color, I knew Bergen was the only color I really had to have.


It has a shimmer finish, but it’s much more subtle than I thought it would be. The color is definitely darker than what Julep depicted on their site, but I still enjoy it. I pictured it as a pale gray-blue, but it has much more blue than gray. It’s a calming, quiet shade. The formula was perfect to work with. Not too thick, not too thin.

Overall verdict: I like it! With the cool, calming tones, I would almost classify this as a neutral (and I love me some neutrals).

Next we have Majorie. I have to preface this swatch by saying that I really do not like the color orange. It’s my LEAST favorite color. Maybe I have hostility towards it because it’s really the only color I cannot wear. (Lots of yellow undertones in my skin + orange = Oompa Loompa status.) I would have never purchased this color for myself, but because it came as a free gift for choosing three add-ons to my box, it was out of my hands. I have to admit, I was kind of bummed when I opened the box and saw it. But, fair is fair. I decided to give it a shot.


Like Bergen, it has a very slight shimmer. It’s definitely a bright, fun, summery orange. The website describes it as a sheer finish, but I found that it was completely opaque after two coats.

Overall verdict: It’s okay (for me). I would recommend this color to others in a heartbeat. It’s just not my personal favorite based on my skin tone and preference. The formula is great to work with, and although I don’t see myself reaching for it for a complete manicure, it’s good to have around for nail art.

Last but not least, we have Veronica. Finally a crème formula! I LOVE the crème formulas that Julep offers. It’s a nice, mauve pink and it’s completely opaque after one coat. (You can’t beat one-coaters.) It’s obviously a thicker formula than the sheers, but still incredibly easy to work with. Like Majorie, I’m not sure if I would have picked this color myself. I tend to stick with pale pinks because they’re so neutral. However, I’m really happy they chose this color to give away. It’s very feminine, without being over the top.


Overall verdict: Love it. I can see myself reaching for this color quite a bit. I love that it’s a deeper, more wearable pink. I think it’s great for all ages and skin tones.


*Thanks for being patient with me as I continue to improve upon these posts. Please excuse picture quality, lighting, and/or typos. It’s still a learning curve and will improve with time!

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